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At the encouragement of the ANCCE President, Javier Conde, the USPRE Breeder"s Committee has recently been in direct communication with the Past Officers of FAB-PRE with a view to facilitate the delivery of Cartas Passports issued in late 2007 by the Cria Caballar and shipped to FAB-PRE Although the FAB-PRE Liason has made efforts to contact the respective Breeders , there are presently sixty-two 62 Cartas that remain in their possession The names of the horses are as follows:

SONADOR MSM, Carla Shown DESTINA RC, Rancho Chico BALLADOR BC, Sharon Miller HEREDERA MC, Music City Andalusians GRESCA MC, Music City Andalusians GABRIEL MC, Music City Andalusians HALAGADO MC, Music City Andalusians RA ROMAN, Rothrock Andalusians RELIGIOSO BMR, Rancho Saldana CA QUERIDA, Classical Andalusians MORENA XXXIX, Rancho Vaquero MENTADO G, Gloriosa Farms EL MAGNIFICO, Jose Partida MAESTRO G, Gloriosa Farms COPERNICO ROY, Kathy & Donald Stewart CONQUISTADORA ROY, Kathy & Donald Stewart CIELO ROY, Kathy & Ronald Stewart CELEBRADA ROY, Kathy & Ronald Stewart CRUCERO ROY, Kathy & Ronald Stewart CALIFA ROY, Kathy & Ronald Stewart CAMPEONA ROY, Kathy & Ronald Stewart CABRIOLA ROY, Kathy & Ronald Stewart BOLILLERO RHF, Kathy & Ronald Stewart BALEAR RHF, Kathy & Ronald Stewart CENTELLA DE ORO, Gina Rae Hogan ISABELLE DE ORO, Gina Rae Hogan ADALID ORO, Gina Rae Hogan HELADA MC, Music City Andalusians HALCON MC, Music City Andalusians HURACAN MC, Music City Andalusians HADO MC, Music City Andalusians ALIANZA X, Caballos Del Corazon BAROSSA FCF, Fern Creek Farm MOLINETA II, Karen Wayda ADELITA III, Rancho Pineda DULCINEA MT, Chapel Creek Ranch DIANA MT, Chapel Creek Ranch DESPERADO MT, Chapel Creek Ranch KABAR SMDR, Skelton Mountain Dream Ranch DIAMANTE CVI, Miguel Angel Mendoza DESEADO MT, Chapel Creek Ranch ILUMINADA H, Terri Meador ESCARLATA WC, Walnut Creek Ranch CUPIDO JV, JV Ranch MONSOON HP, Highwood Park MAGNO G, Gloriosa Farms CARISMA WC, Walnut Creek Ranch HERCULEO H, Mekinda Hallmark LILA MHF, Panacea Farm LUNA DIAMANTE BMR, Panacea Farm TRIANO KDW, Kimric Farm BANDOLERO ME, Cortijo Mendina SOLEADA DE PARAISO, Carolyn Ramos KESARA HAF, Tammy Stewart JADE HAF, Tammy Stewart ESTUDIANTE AG, Rancho Aguillar VICENTE, Armando Mendez ODESSA, Iberian Horse Source CAVATINA BW, Henry & Maureen Gutierrez ANDALE LAR, Lion Heart Andalusians Ranch INIDIANOS PRIETA BMB, Henry & Maureen Gutierrez JACARANA VMF, Rancho Flores APOLONARIA BFM, Ranchito Mercurial

The Past Officers of FAB-PRE kindly request that the Breeders and/or Owners of the foregoing horses immediately contact Jesus Herrera by email yeguadaherrera@yahoocom to arrange the expeditious delivery of the issued Cartas Additionally, the Custodians of the Cartas remitted to FAB-PRE in late 2007 are soliciting a $ 10000 donation per Carta to cover unanticipated shipping and miscellaneous office closing expenses which have been incurred following the cessation of LG services last year