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Breeder / Studbook FAQs

Why do I need a breeder or an owner code?

Either a breeder code or an owner code is required by LG ANCCE for all studbook services. You must have a code before requesting any studbook services.

What is the difference between an owner code and a breeder code?

An owner code is required for those who have no intention of breeding.  A breeder code is required for those who will be inscribing horses in the LG ANCCE studbook.

What are the requirements to host a revision site?

  1. Host sites who achieve a minimum of fifteen (15) horses for revision at their site qualify to have all expenses for the veterinarian’s hotel and flights paid in full by USPRE.
  2. The host is also responsible for meals/snacks for the veterinarian while at the revision site and during their stay.  This is not covered by USPRE.
  3. If the fifteen (15) horse minimum is not achieved, then the following applies:
  4. If a site does not reach the fifteen (15) horse minimum, the host is responsible for the payment of hotel and flights to their location.   These charges are usually split by the host by the number of horses at the revision.  If one breeder has more than one horse, they would pay for the number of horses they have; the “per horse” amount as determined by the host is paid per horse.   USPRE does not collect the monies for the horses attending the location or the collection of the split charges.  This is the responsibility of the host.
  5. USPRE will make the hotel and flight arrangements for the revision location to ensure a smooth transition from location to location.  The host is responsible for the payment in full to USPRE for the arrangements made to their location via credit card.   A credit card authorization, copy of the credit card and identification must be provided for payment.

Is there another way, besides using the LG ANCCE website, where I can change my contact information?

You may also update your information by printing and submitting the following form: http://www.lgancce.com/web2/sites/default/files/pages_related_documents/Updating_Data_ene12.pdf?lang=en

This form can be faxed or mailed to the office at USPRE:

USPRE Association
12765 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 1315
Wellington, FL 33414
Fax Number: 888-959-0190

How old does a horse need to be for revision?

To present a horse for revision, the horse must be three (3) years of age.  Additionally, the title of the horse must be in the name of the person presenting the horse for revision.

How can I verify that the horse has an ownership card or not?

If you would like to verify the information for your mare or stallion, and his/her status in the studbook, you can view it by following this link: http://www.lgancce.com/lgpreancce/asp-publico/arbolGenealogicoPRE/BuscarArbolPRE.aspx?lang=EN

How do I request a change of ownership?

By completing a change of ownership request (Service 619) on our website. Remember, this can only be done online if you have a breeder code in place. Please fill out the form, scan the title card (carta de titularidad) and make your payment online. You must then mail in the original title card to our office. LG ANCCE requires that the original card be returned to process and issue a new title card in your name. Please do not send the passport.

Why do I need an International Application for Service Form?

This form is required by LG ANCCE for any service and must accompany by any documentation that is mailed to our office.  Payment for services must be made by money order or cashier’s check.  Personal checks are not accepted.  When mailing in, please be sure to include an additional $14.95 which covers shipping and handling.

If you make your payment online at our website, this form is generated automatically when your payment is received.

What are the documents needed for an inscription? How long does it take?

You will need a breeding and birth certificate.  This should be provided by the owner of the stallion, at the time of the breeding. The certificate will also have an area where the mare information needs to be listed; this information must have the breeder code and title holder of the mare at the time of the breeding.  The certificate also needs to be signed by the owner of the stallion and the owner of the mare at the time of the breeding.

It takes about 5-10 business days for a breeder to receive an inscription kit.

What is an inscription kit?

An inscription kit contains a pre-inscription document, a blood card and a microchip.

What important information do I need to know about (late) inscriptions?

Remember that in keeping with Council Regulation (EU) 2015/262 by the Commission, a horse is considered identified when its Equine ID Document (Passport) has been issued, not when the registration request is presented before the LG PRE Stud Book office.

To guarantee the correct application of this legislation, and considering that the LG PRE Stud Book offices needs a variable amount of time to identify the horses and issue the passport prior to the deadline established by the legislation, the following must be taken into consideration:

For foals born in the first semester of the year (between Jan 1 and June 30), registration must be requested before December 31.

For foals born in the second semester of the year (between July 1 and December 31), registration must be requested before the 30th of June of the following year.

Nevertheless, it is the breeder’s responsibility to know and comply with the current legislation regarding the identification of horses within the established timeline.

Remember that the current rate for the Registration Service (Service 103) is $225 per horse, plus shipping and handling ($14.95). Full-fledged members of ANCCE may take advantage of the corresponding discounts for this service.

Lastly, the Stud Book office strongly recommends that you meet the deadline indicated above, as the fee to register a horse after the deadline is $500 per horse plus shipping and handling ($14.95).

What if I cannot get a signature for a breeding and birth certificate?

In accordance with LG ANCCE procedures, we are not allowed to give out any information on any breeder. You can find information regarding previous owners of record at the following link if the Changes of Ownership have been completed:


Where do I mail my ownership card?

Once you complete your payment online, you can mail us the original ownership card (signed by the seller and buyer) to:
USPRE Association
12765 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite 1315
Wellington, FL 33414

What is needed to be a host site for revision?

If you are interested in hosting revision, you can contact the offices of USPRE at 561-214-4961 to let us know of your interest.

Why do I need a passport to take my horse to revision?

The horse’s passport is needed to update any information regarding your horse at the time of revision.  The veterinarian will also make notations on the passport and stamp the passport if your horse passes at the time of revision.

How do I change my contact information on the LG ANCCE studbook?

To change your information in the studbook, you can visit the LG ANCCE website at the following link: http://www.lgancce.com/web2/

Once you are at the webpage, you have the option on the upper right hand corner to switch the language to English by clicking on the British flag.    Scroll down the page where on the left you will see “Access for Breeders”.   Here you will enter your breeder code and pin number to access your area of the LG ANCCE website.   Once you have logged in, you can update your information.

How long does it take to process services and the paperwork associated with it?

Typically, most services are processed within four (4) to six (6) weeks in best case scenarios.  This timeframe can be met if all paperwork received has all the proper documentation and signatures needed to process the service. However, when documentation is missing signatures, or if the information provided is incorrect, these processes can take much longer.

How can I become a member of USPRE and what are the benefits?

You can become a member by clicking here.

When you join the United States P.R.E. Association (USPRE), you sign up to an equestrian organization and interactive community that celebrates and promotes the Pure Spanish Horse.  USPRE is dedicated to providing members with comprehensive P.R.E. programs and services. As a member, you will benefit from many programs like member performance awards, dressage programs, seminars and clinics. Additional benefits include an associate ANCCE membership, an online subscription to El Caballo Magazine, complimentary tickets to SICAB if you attend, invitations to the ANCCE International Banquet, and special access to USPRE Week in Wellington, Florida. A monthly newsletter is also provided to all of our members keeping you up to date with important information about our organization, LG ANCCE and upcoming events

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