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USPRE General FAQs

What is USPRE?

USPRE is a 501(c)3 organization registered in the State of Florida and operated under the laws of that state for charitable organizations. Our annual 990 tax return is available to the public online, and our financial statements, as well as the minutes of all of our board meetings, are filed in the Wellington office and available for review to anyone who makes a request to see them.

Who Governs USPRE?

USPRE is governed by a Board of Directors, per the By Laws of the association, which are available on our website at https://www.usprea.com/our-bylaws/. While we collaborate with ANCCE (the national breeders association in Spain and manager of the LG studbook) USPRE is an independent association with its own By Laws and activities.

What is the Mission?

USPRE’s Mission Statement is found in Article 2 of the By Laws:
a. To celebrate and promote the Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E.);
b. Maintain cordial relations with and adhere to the regulations of the Spanish P.R.E Stud Book as managed by its regulating authority in Spain;
c. Promote among its members and to the public a better understanding of P.R.E. horsemanship with emphasis on Dressage;
d. Promote good sportsmanship among THE USPRE ASSOCIATION members, friends and other organizations;
e. Sponsor competitions and other activities for the purpose of furthering the art of P.R.E dressage and other educational activities at the local, state and national levels;
f. Organize public P.R.E. exhibitions and clinics
g. Stimulate the publicity and improvement of the “Pura Raza Espanola” (PRE) horse; together with all other matters necessary or convenient to further the interests of the P.R.E. breed.

Who are USPRE Members?

USPRE membership consists of PRE horse breeders, PRE horse owners, PRE horse riders, and PRE horse enthusiasts. The variety of our membership is a distinction from that of the parent association, ANCCE, which is a stated BREEDERS association, and dictates the nature of our supported programs and sponsorships. While USPRE works closely with ANCCE in all matters pertaining to the PRE horse, our association is not designed to replicate the Spanish organization in all things. USPRE is uniquely North American and exists to meet the needs of the PRE horse community and its characteristics in the United States and Canada.

What are the Benefits?

USPRE Member Benefits include:
a. Year End Awards
b. Born in America Awards
c. Sports Initiative Program
d. Dressage High Point Challenge
e. Copa USPRE
f. USDF All Breeds for PRE Horses
g. Free Clinics and Lectures
h. Membership Dinner
i. Membership Pricing for Studbook
j. Use of USPRE VIP Tent at Global Dressage during USPRE Week, SICAB, and all
ANCCE-judged breed shows
k. And more….

Why Pay Dues?

USPRE switched to a dues model for memberships In 2018, to simplify the billing process and to be similar to the ANCCE model. The former membership structure was confusing and difficult to collect. The Dues Model allows us to budget for future years for our staff, activities and programs.

Why is the USPRE Office in Wellington?

USPRE maintains an office in Wellington, Florida, a horse-centric community and the US hub for international horse sports. While California leads the individual states in numbers of PREs, a large community of PRE breeders and owners reside in Florida while Wellington in particular provides the highest concentration of equestrians to whom USPRE can promote awareness and interest in the PRE horse. Additionally, Eastern Time office hours provide the greatest number of common work hours and the greatest access to the LG office in Spain.

What does the USPRE staff do?

USPRE staff time is almost entirely allotted to studbook services, with the exception of membership management and support for our volunteer sports programs. Each of the four members of the staff are specialized in their assigned services, and all four are bi-lingual in English and Spanish. For every ANCCE-judged PRE show in the United States, at least two members of our staff will attend for on-site LG requests as well as to assist members throughout the show. The USPRE staff is managed by Executive Director Tanya Duffey.

How is USPRE Funded?

USPRE is funded through four avenues:
1. Membership dues
2. Studbook activity proceeds
3. Donations
4. Various fundraising (Silent Auctions, clinic fees, shirt sales, etc.)

USPRE allocates funding per the direction of the Board of Directors. Funds are directed toward three emphases: the Breeding Sector, the Dressage (or sport) Sector, and General Promotion of the PRE (marketing):

a. The overwhelming majority of funds acquired by USPRE are allotted to the Breeding Sector—mostly generated from studbook service proceeds and invested back into the overhead (office, staff, etc.) for this activity. Also to the benefit of the Breeding Sector, every ANCCE-judged PRE show is sponsored by USPRE (the average contribution is $3000.00 – $5000.00 per show) as well as a cocktail reception at most show venues. The Born in America awards presented at every breed show are provided by USPRE, as is a Breeders Stand, refreshment, and a catered reception at SICAB every November. From time to time, clinics organized by breeders featuring morphology specialists are partially underwritten by USPRE, as is the annual Member Dinner in Wellington during USPRE week.

b. Dressage programs require a very small amount of funding in comparison to the Breeding Sector allotments. For typically less than $5000.00 a year, USPRE provides ribbons and awards for the High Point Programs, jackets and saddle pads for the Copa USPRE and High Point Grand Champions, and pays fees and show sponsorships to USDF All Breeds, Dressage at Devon, and ERAHC.

c. The Global Dressage Festival Sponsorship is one of our broadest marketing efforts, impacting thousands of live and online viewers, and is entirely paid for by private donation. No LG service or membership funds are used for the GDF sponsorship.

d. USPRE week is accomplished primarily through volunteer effort. The Wednesday evening public dinner show and venue are donated, and the speakers and riders are all volunteer, with the occasional exception of a speaker fee or travel expense for a special speaker from Spain. ANCCE representatives attend at their own cost. Members purchase tickets to the annual Member Dinner, with partial underwriting by the association.

e. Promotional expenses are minor with most of our marketing done online through the www.usprea.com website or our Facebook page which reaches more than 32,000 people. USPRE advertises in El Caballo Magazine and all show programs for sponsored shows. Marketing materials for shows and booths are line-item expense in our annual budget.

How are studbook fees determined?

USPRE consulted with ANCCE and other studbook rates in 2011 to determine Studbook service fees. The Spanish base price, US overhead, Euro conversion and fluctuation, and shipping requirements were all factors that went into the determination of the original price structure. By definition, US breeder participation in a Spanish government-sponsored studbook is going to cost more than what Spanish breeders pay in their own country. USPRE Studbook prices were first established in 2012, and altered in 2013 to include Value Added Tax (VAT), which was required by the Spanish government. From that time until March 2018, only one service fee was increased—Change of Ownership was requiring more man hours than the former fee would cover, so the price for this service was increased in 2015. In 2018, the Board of Directors approved an increase of 10% on four services to all LG users who are non-members of USPRE. This surcharge is intended to mitigate the burden of the support for the work of the staff and association which, up until then, had been borne entirely by members. The new price structure was reviewed and approved in its current state by the LG Commission and the President of ANCCE in September 2018. USPRE prices are less than or similar to the prices for services of all
other Iberian registries in the United States, as well as all International Registries of sport horses which operate in the United States.

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USPRE Membership card

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