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SICAB 2024

2024-11-19 • 2024-11-24

FIBES, Sevilla’s Convention and Exposition Center, will host the World Purebred Spanish Horse Championship from the 19th to the 24th of November. This 34th edition unfolds as the world’s greatest equestrian event dedicated in full to the Purebred Spanish Horse.

West Coast Andalusian Expo 2024

2024-06-21 • 2024-06-23

The West Coast Andalusian Expo was created to bring a prestigious show to Northern California.

USPRE Week 2024

2024-01-23 • 2024-01-28

In the era predating the dominance of cars, horse-drawn carriages epitomized transportation. Ranging from elegant coaches to sturdy wagons, these carriages relied on the power and grace of horses for mobility. The number of horses hitched to a carriage often signified its capacity and speed, a measure reminiscent of the horsepower metric still used today in automobile engines. These equine companions were not merely engines but symbols of status and style, with some breeds, like the majestic P.R.E. Horses, revered for their beauty and strength

High Point and All-Breeds Award

2023-12-28 • 2023-12-28

This program is designed to encourage PRE riders of all levels to train and compete in rated dressage shows.

SICAB 2023

2023-11-28 • 2023-12-03

Salón Internacional del Caballo. Sevilla (España)

Feria del Caballo Español 2023

2023-09-01 • 2023-09-03

The largest morphological competition in the United States

Washington D.C. Horse Expo 2023

2023-07-01 • 2023-07-02

The Washington DC Horse Expo is an emerging event in the eastern region of the United States with the intention of promoting the Spanish horse among enthusiasts who are becoming involved in the equestrian world.

West Coast Andalusian Expo 2023

2023-06-21 • 2023-06-23

The West Coast Andalusian Expo was created to bring a prestigious show to Northern California.


2023-01-24 • 2023-01-27

In the heart and spirit of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, USPRE Week will be held from January 24th to 28th, 2023. This week full of activities will focus on the PRE. The purpose is to continue the promotion of the Spanish horse breed in the United States