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100 Best Horses (Stallions & Mares) Based on their GGI for Dressage and Functional Conformation for Dressage



Available on the ANCCE and PRE Stud Book websites

In recent years, as has been customary, and after performing genetic assessments throughout 2022, ANCCE offers breeders the list of the 100 best horses stallions and mares, based on their Global Genetic Index GGI for Dressage and Functional Conformation for Dressage, with elevated reliability, under the age of 26, and that appear as alive in the PRE Stud Book  Certain GGI reliability values for Dressage do not yet offer high reliability due to the limited participation of horses in the performance controls Young Horse Selection Tests   The Global Genetic Index GGI of a given horses is an estimation that allows breeders to select, in global terms, genetically superior breeding horses, as a horse need not be outstanding in all traits, but rather in general [WEB] List of 100 best PRE Horses based on GGI Each horse’s GGI is accompanied by a reliability value repeatability; the higher the value, the greater the probability that the value obtained by that horses is repeated in future assessments, thus guaranteeing that a horse transmits a given trait to its descendants Considerations to be taken into account:• GGI indicates the ability of a horse to genetically transmit certain special or unique traits to its progeny• A horse’s GGI and Reliability is greatly influenced by the number of relatives participating in the performance controls, as well as the relationship among them     • The advantage of knowing a horse’s GGI is that breeders may select the best matings to improve future generations• In some cases, there may be difference between what a breeder sees or perceives from direct observation and what is expected of that horse certain traits that a horse transmits to its offspring depending on the mating

Source: ANCCE