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2022 Genetic Assessments for more than 250,000 Purebred Spanish Horses Published



All data is available on the LG PRE ANCCE website and App, where you may learn about the traits transmitted to the descendants of these horses for all of the variables assessed

The Purebred Spanish Horse Breeding Program Commission continues with its efforts to publicize genetic improvements in an effort to increase the genetic progress of the breed in future generations Thanks to this, stud farm productivity and competitiveness improve, thus guaranteeing sustainability With this in mind, the LG PRE ANCCE website and App have published the corresponding file for each horse, with all of the genetic data for all participating horses assessed to date, both for Dressage as well as Conformation Traits for Dressage  Anyone interested may access this information and consult the traits that each horse transmits to its descendants for all of the variables assessed  The data for the performance controls used has been collected at the Assessments for Basic Aptitudes as Breeding Stock using Lineal Conformation Assessments, at the Young Horse Selection Tests and other Federation Dressage tests  Therefore, ANCCE would like to remind the PRE sector about the importance of increasing participation in these Young Horse Selection Tests or the ANCCE Cup Tests  Those horses that have been assessed, and that meet the established requirements may seek one of the Genetic Categories listed in the Breeding Program Framework Their names will be published in the 2022 Breeding Stock Catalog, in addition to being included in the corresponding LG PRE ANCCE Register  Throughout 2022, data will continue to be collected during Functional Tests at Conformation Competitions and incorporated into the Breeding Program In addition to Dressage, and in response to breeder demands, the PRE Stud Book is currently working on incorporating other disciplines such as Working Equitation and Spanish High School—sports where Purebred Spanish Horse excel—as well as how this data will be incorporated into the Breeding Program  ANCCE is also designing—if and when it offers verified reliability—another GGI for breed quality Knowing horses’ genetic values facilitates the process for breeders, who may then select those breeding horses that best meet breeder interests to obtain descendants with specific traits This allows breeders to move forward in their genetic selection Likewise, it is essential to know the genetic values of each selected parent, as each transmits 50% of its genetic information to the next generation

Source: ANCCE