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ANCCE’s 2nd International Virtual Conformation Competition

The event will be held from the 15th to the 17th of July in the afternoon, on the official ANCCE platforms Registration and shipment of videos of participating horses conclude on Monday, the 21st of June

Once again, and for a second consecutive year, ANCCE organizes the Purebred Spanish Horse International Virtual Conformation Completion The idea behind this program is to continue with an international competition in real-time that is open to participants the world over At the same time, it puts the spotlight on the quality of Purebred Spanish stallions and mares thanks to the internet

The competition will be held from the 15th to the 17th of July in the afternoon so you can enjoy the live broadcast on any of the official ANCCE channels Participation in this competition is open to all national and international breeders First, you will need to fill out the online entry form that is available on the LG PRE ANCCE web site; then, send us a video of your participating horse/horses using WeTransfer to the ANCCE competition department, using the email: asanchez@anccecom

The deadline for entries and audiovisual material videos is Monday, the 21st of June

This computer-based competition is exactly the same as the physical competition listed on the ANCCE Competition Calendar, except that it is virtual, with the following differences: - All adult stallions will perform the Functionality test - There is no section for yearlings or geldings - The event is not a qualifier for the World Championship at SICAB 2021

Judging is on-site Judges will be chosen by a draw once the deadline has been reached, the same as 3-star competitions  All participating horses will be judged on-site, live from the official ANCCE office

Full Fledged Members: €40 + VAT Associate Members: €60 + VAT Non-members of ANCCE: €100 + VAT Remember to add the corresponding 21% VAT to all fees

Once your entry has been registered, ANCCE the participating breeder will receive an email indicating the fee to be paid into the ANCCE account

Banking Info: Account Holder: ANCCE Name of Bank: Caja Rural del Sur, S Coop de Crédito Municipality: Sevilla Province: Sevilla IBAN: ES22 3187 0812 8010 9498 7227 BIC: BCOEESMM187  Concept: "Concurso Virtual” Virtual Competition + Name of stud farm

A horse is not considered entered until payment of the entry fee has been confirmed Once the registration deadline has been reached, payments will not be reimbursed

Participation Tutorials: [VIDEO] Tutorial about how to video Conformation [VIDEO] Tutorial about how to video Functionality  only adult sections [VIDEO] Tutorial about how to send videos to ANCCE

All videos must be sent by WeTransfer to the email address: asanchez@anccecom

Source — ANCCE — 05/14/2021