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Annual LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book Report

03/10/2021 Annual LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book Report In 2020, the PRE Stud Book Registered more than 12,000 New Horses and almost 3,000 New Breeders
Last year, the Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book LG PRE ANCCE registered 12,343 new PRE horses in its Birth Register 6,101 colts and 6,242 fillies Thus, the breed census as of December 31, 2020 was 259,857 horses 129,978 stallions and 129,879 mares belonging to 41,431 stud farms in 66 countries This translates into a 3% increase in the number horses and almost an 8% increase of stud farms with regards to the previous year

Of the new breeders registered, 44% are internationals, mainly from the USA, Italy and Germany The remaining 56% are from Spain, with Andalusia 47%, Catalonia and Castile & Leon leading the ranking

With regards to the rest of the services provided by the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book, 4,516 corresponded to revisions as Approved Breeding Stock while 9,224 were changes of ownership Of the changes performed abroad, most were in the USA, Mexico, Italy and Germany

It is important to mention the assessments undertaken by LG PRE ANCCE authorized veterinarians travelled to 13 different countries, including Morocco, Slovenia, the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Sweden and Italy, among others These trips respected all COVID-19 safety measures at all times

Likewise, ANCCE and LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book representatives attended trade fairs, conventions, taught training course to breeders and enthusiasts and held meetings with authorized veterinarians and collaborating international associations with refresher courses to discuss new management procedures It is noteworthy that the PRE Breeding Program was also approved; the latest innovations have been reported thanks to several online seminars

Throughout 2020, work was undertaken to launch online registration services, the new Stud Book App and the coat color website webcapas, which will soon be available to breeders

The LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book office, upon concluding the follow-up audit, has renewed its UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate, which certifies the correct and efficient implementation of a quality control system Also worthy of mention is the incorporation of our Molecular Genetics Lab into the scope of this certification; this means further backing for the excellent work performed At the same time, it has a direct effect on improved efficiency and the services provided to Purebred Spanish Horse breeders all over the world Our own molecular diagnostic lab is one of the stud book’s strong points, both in terms of facilities and equipment, but also the analytical processes carried out Having incorporated the lab into the ISO certification has been a special success for ANCCE and its breeders, who obtain an analysis with guarantee stamps, backed by UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 certification Throughout 2020, the lab has performed analytical services for other farm species, including cattle and swine, as well as equine breeds such as the Dutch Warmblood KWPN and the Spanish Sport Horse

PRE BREEDING PROGRAM In 2020 and thanks to the efforts undertaken over the past fifteen years, the PRE Breeding Program published 155,038 genetic assessments based on Conformation Traits for Dressage 58,509 stallions and 96,529 mares on its website Thirty-seven conformation traits for each horse were assessed genetically; the results were published together with the corresponding Global Genetic Index GGI For Dressage, 16,066 genetic assessments were published; these corresponded to 6,846 stallions and 9,220 mares In this case, the genetic values for six variables were published together with their Global Genetic Index IGG Likewise, the corresponding Catalog of PRE Breeding Stock was also published

Performance control data used for these assessments was collected to assess basic aptitudes for breeding by means of Linear Conformation Score, at Young Horse Selection Tests and other Federation Dressage tests With this in mind, ANCCE would like to remind the PRE sector of the importance of participating in the Young Horse Selection Tests or the ANCCE Cup tests

From the Private Zone of the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book website you may consult and download an Excel file for the genetic assessments available for each horse registered on your stud farm This facilitates the task for breeders when organizing matings as it leads to important advances in the selection for Dressage and conformation traits for Dressage

This wealth of information is available to breeders free of charge, as is all of the information contained in the Purebred Spanish Horse Breeding Catalog, which is a more than useful tool to contribute to the progression of genetic improvements among PRE Horses At the same time, it increases the genetic progress of future generations, where improved productivity is needed, while at the same time providing a competitive edge for stud farms to increase feasibility

Throughout 2021, data will continue to be collected from the Functionality Tests at Conformation Competitions to later be incorporated this information into the Breeding Program In addition to Dressage, and in response to breeder demands, we are currently studying how to include other disciplines in which Purebred Spanish Horses excel together with how to factor such functional information into the Breeding Program

Source — ANCCE — 03/10/2021