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Celebrating Kimberly Van Kampen: Appointed 2023 ANCCE Honorary Member


Congratulations to Kimberly Van Kampen, our esteemed board member, and founder, on being appointed as an ANCCE Honorary Member for 2023! 

We are thrilled to share this exciting news. Kimberly’s unwavering dedication, vision, and leadership have played an integral role in shaping our organization and its success. Her passion for the equestrian community and commitment to excellence are truly commendable.

This prestigious recognition by the ANCCE Assembly is a testament to Kimberly’s outstanding contributions and influence within the industry. We are honored to have her as a valued member of our board and as a driving force behind our mission.

Please join us in congratulating Kimberly Van Kampen on this well-deserved honor. Her appointment as an ANCCE Honorary Member for 2023 is a reflection of her remarkable achievements and tireless efforts.

Warmest congratulations, Kimberly, on this significant milestone.