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Finals for Equestrian Disciplines and 2020 World Purebred Spanish Horse Championship


The ANCCE executive bodies have made an important decision regarding the 2020 competition calendar, which has been significantly altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain ANCCE and its various Commissions have decided that given the current situation and the relative crisis, brave and committed measures need to be adopted for the benefit of the sector Therefore, as of today, and unless restrictions are imposed by healthcare officials, we are planning to hold the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage, the Young Horse Dressage Final, the Purebred Spanish Horse World Championship and the ANCCE Cup for the various equestrian disciplines

It is in times of doubt when breeders need the involvement of their Association most  Likewise, it is their Association that must ensure and sustain the momentum of the sector, its business relationships and its international marketing channels  ANCCE is well-aware of its responsibility Having discussed the matter with public administrations, it has been decided that the aforementioned events will be held under the following circumstances: ANCCE CUP FOR DRESSAGE AND YOUNG HORSE SELECTION TEST FINAL: These events will be held between the 6th and 11th of October The exact dates and distribution of the various levels will be announced in due course However, the idea is to hold the 5, 6 and 7-year-old categories the first couple of days so that those horses competing in the Spain’s Absolut Championship may do so normally, as the dates foreseen by Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation for the National Championship is the 16th to the 18th of October Participation quotas will be expanded so that up to twenty 20 per text may participate The annual ranking will be taken into consideration, as Dressage competitions are being held normally since June  Simultaneously, the ANCCE Cup Final will be held with the Young Horse Selection Test Final, for 4, 5, 6, and 7-year-olds It is possible that horse of another breed may participate, but those horses will not be seeking a place in the ANCCE Cup Likewise, tests for juniors have also been foreseen, although in this case, the quota for each level will be limited to five 5 horses   WORLD PUREBRED SPANISH HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL AND ANCCE CUP FINALS: These will be held from the 13th to the 18th of October Horses are expected to arrive on the 11th and 12th of October Due to the abnormality of competitions this season, any horse wishing to participate in this contest may do so, without the need to have participated previously in a qualification competition Entries will be accepted until a reasonable quota, as established by the organizers, is met As has been the procedure at previous editions, there will be a period for past-deadline entries, in case there are still places for more horses  The World Conformation Championship will be held under the same rules as last year This includes:
  • Being judged by Group 1 judges
  • The semifinals being judges by groups of three 3 judges and the final by all of the judges taking part in the competition
  • The Functionality tests being judged by a set of judges, also appointed from Group 1, but in Functionality
  • In the case of Conformation, the judges may not discuss their judging with their fellow judges; each must score individually
  • All of the Finals will take place in Pavilion 1 and in the case of the semi-finals, all of these, to the extent that they are feasible based on the timetable and the participating horses 
  • The entry fee will be same as last year
  • As has been the case for the past years, the event will be held at the Fair Grounds and Convention Center known as Palacio Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla FIBES
  • Only pavilions 1 and 2 will be used, as well as triangles 1 and 2, together with the outlying space behind both pavilions
  • All horses will be in stalls, both stallions and mares
  • There will not be a special marquee for the mares  That area where mares are usually housed will be dedicated to parking for breeders to facilitate their participation The only exception would be excessive participation which would force us to use all or part of this area 
  • Due to the possible limitation of the capacity by authorities, we will always try to grant absolute preference to the participating breeders and their staff, in which case, a specific access will be provided
  • There will be four 4 arenas, distributed as indicated below:
    • Pavilion 1: Geotextile arena measuring 65 x 25 meters, to be used for Dressage tests the first week, and for the semi-finales and the Conformation Finals
    • Pavilion 2: Geotextile arena measuring 65 x 25 meters, to be used as the warm-up arena for the Dressage tests and the Functionality arena, together with all other equestrian disciplines the week of October 13- 18
    • Triangle 1: geotextile arena measuring 40 x 20 meters, to be used at all times as a warm-up arena 
    • Behind pavilion 1: Covered arena measuring 30 x 30 meters, made of albero sand, to be used as a warm-up area for horses participating in the Conformation Competition
  • There will be no show 
  • Competitions for Alta Escuela, Doma Vaquera, Working Equitation, Exhibition, Traditional Carriage Driving and an Indoor Carriage Driving reserved for Singles, will be held 
  • Public access will be free of charge
  • Horses, once they have concluded their participation may exit the Palacio de Congresos facilities if the owners so desire, without having to wait until the event concludes
  • The gates will close at 9:30 pm and at 4:00 pm on Sunday, the 18th of October
 POLICY FOR BOX SEATS AND STANDS: In terms of Breeder Stands, and to avoid crowds in those areas that are difficult to monitor, this year, there will be no breeder stands, except ANCCE’s institutional stand, the competition offices and the PRE Stud Book stand, as well as those of the sponsors Of course, and when considering the 2021 edition, breeder stands will continue to follow the criteria of seniority and location at the 2019 edition  With regards to the Box Seats for Breeders, there are a series of significant aspect that need to be listed
  • The number of Box Seats will be studied Based on health and sanitation rules, these may be located where the Conformation Competition will be held
  • Last year 2019 there were 45 Box Seats, including the ANCCE Box Seat Initially, we are pondering the idea of having about thirty 30 of such seats
  • Breeders have until Thursday, the 30th of July to reserve a Box Seat and ANCCE must receive positive confirmation
  • Initially, each stud farm may seek only one 1 Box Seat Only in such case that there is not a great demand, and once the deadline for reservations has been met may a given stud farm request two Box Seats 
  • On the other hand, if the demand is greater than the available space, Box Seats will be granted by a draw, open to the public
  • Likewise, the location of the corresponding Box Seat will also be granted based on a draw Under no circumstances will the criteria of seniority be respected given the exceptional circumstances this year 
  • In view of the extraordinary circumstances, the Box Seats granted this year have no effect on future editions nor does it include any rights Therefore, in 2021, the criteria used in 2019 will be applied when reserving a Box Seat
  • By law, Box Seats have a maximum seating capacity for six 6 people 
  • The fees for Box Seats will be as follows:
    • The week of the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage and the Young Horse Selection Test for Dressage Final: €500 + VAT
    • The week of the World Conformation Championship: €1,500 + VAT
The content of this notification will be expanded in the next few weeks  At all times, it will be linked to health and sanitation measures, which as may be the case, are adopted by public administration based on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic