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Jose Juan Morales, Reelected President of ANCCE for the Next Four Years


“Together, we once again begin a new era in step with the recovery efforts" The General Assembly ratified 2021 stewardship and approved the 2022 budget with a total of four million euros for this year The General Assembly reelected Jose Juan Morales as the President of ANCCE for the next four yearsThus, this breeder faces a second term holding the reins of the governing body for Purebred Spanish Horses, after being elected for the first time in 2018, and once again in 2022 His candidacy was generally back by breeders to the extent that he was the only contestant; therefore, there was no need to cast votes at the ballot box this past Friday in Sevilla José Juan Morales Upon being reelected as the President of ANCCE, Morales admitted his excitement upon enjoying members’ confidence His main challenges for the upcoming years lie in “continuing to work for breeders and owners as members of ANCCE, who in turn, are the substance of this Association, to continue with yet-to-be-concluded projects due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as training, while placing Purebred Spanish Horses as one of the best breeds in the world and a solid commitment with sports and changes in the competition models In summary, as the custodian of breeders’ trust, work for the benefit of our members so they see they are fully represented and strong within this context” The 49th General Assembly of the Royal Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association ANCCE, held last Friday in Sevilla, ratified the various point on the agenda, including the administration, 2021 annual accounts, the approval of the 2022 budget some four million euros and the agreements adopted by the Board of Directors ANCCE continues to redesign its strategy to promote PRE Horses both in Spain and abroad to position the brands ANCCE, Purebred Spanish Horses PRE and SICAB at the forefront In recent years, the Association has participated at equestrian trade fairs and events at several cities in Spain, and in France, Mexico and Germany Arancha Rodriguez, Director of the PRE Stud Book LG PRE ANCCE, presented its annual report She noted that "as of December 31st of 2021, there were 268,425 Purebred Spanish Horses throughout the world 134,889 stallions and 133,536 mares from 44,220 active stud farms in 67 different countries With regards to the previous year, this is a 33% increase in the number of horses, and a 7% increase in the number of stud farms" In 2021, the PRE Stud Book registered 12,382 new horses, and some 3310 new breeders of Purebred Spanish Horses Lastly, the Assembly appointed Carlos Escribano as the 2022 Honorary Member Likewise, the dates for the 32nd edition of the International PRE Trade Fair, SICAB 2022, and the World Purebred Spanish Horse Championship were established from the 15th to the 20th of November in Sevilla

Source: ANCCE