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Mar 6, Story time


Today it's a combination of Phew, I did it and OK, what's next

I've just posted the story sent to me by Heather in California who bought our long haired boy Armas Realejo Link to the Stories page is at the bottom of this page Heather's story and others are listed there a bit of the recent tidying up!

This is a recent letter from her: Hello Josephine, Well, I must say I am in love with ArmasHe is so sweet and follows me everywhere He also doesn't mind resting during the day, I find him taking a siesta during most afternoons:- Today while riding him we did some Piaffer and Passage as well as PirouettesIt was amazing Tell Emilio that his training is superb I also work Armas in hand with a long line as wellHe is truly my dream horse If I didn't have other responsibilities as in picking up children from school, etc I would ride him all day

Now that's what I call a dream fulfilled