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North American Breeders' strong storm in SICAB 2019

By Lily Forado

Three weeks ago, SICAB was the world epicenter of the Purebred Spanish horse The International Horse Show began its 29th edition in Seville on Tuesday, November 19th and concluded  with the proclamation of champions on Sunday, November 24th A large number  of 1075 horses participated, belonging to 343 national and international breeders, were the great protagonists KWPN has S-Hertogenbosch, the Oldenburg horse has Vechta, the Hanoverian horse has Verden and the PRE has SICAB

In the sports field, after a very long qualifying season in the Dressage COPA ANCCE circuit, the best representatives of each level fought for the world title From the 91 horses, we must highlight two: “Guateque IV” and “Romero de Trujillo” Last edition, there was already a strong brushstroke of the strength of the American Breeders The horses from Hampton Green Farm and Yeguada Trujillo shone with their own light, achieving various metals in their respective levels  A year later, that foreign brushstroke gained more color and the American Breeders Coves Darden and Yeguada Trujillo broke through with more power

 The bets were on a great American duel in the Small Tour level  Relative to the Pr St Georges/Inter 1 level, Juan Matute Guimón riding Guateque IV Horse bred in the USA and owned by Coves Darden went for the golden way With the scores of 72147 in Pr St Georges and 74740 in the Freestyle, ended his participation in SICAB with the best closure possible: to be World Champion 73444% Romero de Trujillo, under the reins of Teia Hernández, obtained the silver medal Additionally, in the Young Horse Divisions, Del Tibio del Ciclon, bred by Yeguada SSMDI Bernal and owned by longtime American Studfarm Tilley Andalusians ESP, finished among the top twelve 5 year olds in the country following a successful season with Jaime Amian at the reins

Leaving aside the sports part of classical horse ballet, the Morphology classes had also a great foreign presence In this edition, as a great novelty, it was implemented a new format for the Morphology contest, a system of previous semifinals during the first days of SICAB A very significative change that gave a lot of play until the end The main course of the week were the finals and special awards The breeders Yeguada Trujillo USA, Batan Mexico and Morerías Mexico landed in SICAB with all their competition army, their great assets and they didn’t disappoint

The first great round of the week was the Functionality class “Romero de Trujillo”,  the grey prevailed in the classification with the impressive score of 19344 That result allowed him to be crowned as Functionality World Champion  

 On Sunday, with very little to lose and a lot to win, the atmosphere in the bleachers of Pavilion 3 was easy to feel and the silence was loud All the effort of the season has always been the Special Awards: Best Movement Champions Adult and Young and the Champion of the Show, both in Young and Adult

The first great battle was given between the aspiring to the title of Best Mover Adult Champion After a great presentation from seven horses, the judges were repealed and presented a tie between “Romero de Trujillo” and “Tlaloc MOR” At that moment, the audience did not give credit and consequently both horses had to repeat their presentation After a few frantic waiting minutes, the duel between these two great talismans went to “Tlaloc MOR” from Yeguada Morerías The first two classified mares of the Adult Sections 7-9-11 fought the coveted title of Female World Champion The title was between the eternal champion “Panadera LVIII” from Maria Fernanda de la Escalera and “Primavera BAT” Finally, “Primavera BAT” rose with the title

The final to die for was the one for Male Adult Champion All of them  showed its great beauty, its round shapes, but "Romero de Trujillo" and "Virrey Mor" stood out Once again the American Breeder and the Mexican Breer met Finally, Romero de Trujillo won and five years after his first title of World Champion of 2015, he re-hung the band and received the ribbon as World Champion "Virrey Mor" obtained the title of Runner-up

SICAB is a motivation for the breeders, there where the PRE exhibits its best ornaments International reference for all breed lovers, SICAB is the showcase of the Purebred Spanish Horse This edition, more international than ever, North American horses shone in Dressage and Mexican horses excelled in Morphology Congratulations to the great labor from the National as the International breeders for their great work and for continuing the legacy of the PRE breed whose goal is always to improve in Morphology and Functionality