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USPRE Presents the 2019 USDF All Breeds Award Winners


USPRE is proud to announce the winners of the United States Dressage Federation’s annual All Breeds awards These distinctions are given to riders within breed divisions, at all levels of dressage The criteria to qualify is stiff, requiring a minimum number of competitions and scores PRE horses around the country are ranked against each other at both national and international competition All results are provided by USDF

Congratulations to our riders on their great successes! In December, these riders will be recognized at the annual USDF Convention in Savannah, Georgia and will receive a thank you from USPRE The USPRE division of the USDF All Breeds Program is a benefit for members only 

Rank Median Score Award Name Ride Level Section Rider Name Horse Name Owner Person Breeder
1 65903 Adult Amateur First Level Shanda King VIVIANO HPF  Shanda King  Hidden Pond Farm
2 64723 Adult Amateur First Level Jessica Katz HEREDERO DE MILE  Jessica Katz  Yeguada Mile
3 63889 Adult Amateur First Level Danielle Compton GENERAL RM  Danielle Compton  Rancho Madrigal
1 64918 Adult Amateur Grand Prix Amina Bursese FITI AL  Amina Bursese, Diego Gonzalez Jose Albornos Garcia
2 63250 Adult Amateur Grand Prix Janne Rumbough ARMAS ZUMBEL  Janne Rumbough  Florencio Moreno Munoz E Hijos SC
1 64956 Adult Amateur Intermediate I Tina Lovazzano LEON XXIX  Dancing Kings Farm  Pedro Campdelacreu
1 66471 Adult Amateur Intermediate II Courtney O'Brien DUQUE TOP  Courtney O'Brien  Ramon Jimenez Diaz
2 63419 Adult Amateur Intermediate II Barbara Bonk CENTENO XII  Barbara Bonk  Yeguada Benito Rodriguez e Hijos
1 65882 Adult Amateur Prix St Georges Kyle McIver CHURRO  Kyle McIver  Dehesa de Cabeza Rubia
2 64559 Adult Amateur Prix St Georges Tina Vargo HABANERO LXXXVI  Tina Vargo  Bernardo Alonso
1 69527 Adult Amateur Second Level Tina Cook CARBONERO XCVI  Tina Cook  Coves Darden LLC
1 65974 Adult Amateur Third Level Debra Clark ESPARTACO LOS ARCOS  Debra Clark  Jaime Garcia
2 63000 Adult Amateur Third Level Jessica Katz SENI PEREGRINO VI  Jessica Katz  Yeguada Senillosa 
1 68793 Adult Amateur Training Level Jennifer Cottle DAVIDOFF  Jennifer Cottle  Coves Darden LLC
2 67845 Adult Amateur Training Level Lynn Boice FUTURO DE CANIZARES  Lynn Boice  Centro De Cria Y Doma El Padron, Francisco de Paula Canizares Sanchez
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