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USPRE Recognition Awards


The United States PRE Association gives out several awards each year Lifetime Memberships, Performance Awards, Merit Awards and various Membership awards are just a few

Horse & Rider Of The Year

Our supreme performance award is presented to the Pure Spanish Horse PRE horse and rider that have achieved the highest cumulative dressage scores and distinctions in USDF sanctioned competitions

Breeder Of The Year

Our Breeder award is presented to acknowledge the PRE Breeder that has accumulated the highest number of distinctions at Stud Book sanctioned shows

Equestrian Award Of The Year

This prestigious award is presented to honor the PRE Breeder, Owner, Rider or Enthusiast that has most contributed to promote the Pure Spanish Horse PRE One honoree will be drawn from those nominated to be recognized at the annual General Membership Meeting

Dressage Awards

Awards will be presented at the end of each Dressage competition season to PRE horses which have excelled in USDF sanctioned competitions

Morphology Awards

Two 2 awards will be presented to the Stallion and Mare that have achieved the highest points of the year accross all ANCCE sanctioned morphology & functionality competitions

Exhibition Award

This award will honor the most distinguished Trainer, Rider or Handler of the year

Member of the Year Award

An award will be given at the General Membership Meeting to honor the Member of the Year One honoree will be drawn from those nominated by the membership Preferably this person will not be an officer but should be someone who has contributed to USPRE without being otherwise recognized This is a great opportunity to say thanks to those members who don't have "titles" that are always there for the association Names should be sent to Kelly Farmer by September 30th

Click here to download the Dressage Awards requirements for the 2007-2008 season