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SICAB 2020 Developments


07/10/2020 SICAB 2020 Developments

ANCCE, the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association, in keeping with its commitment towards PRE Breeders and the city of Sevilla, has decided to hold the 30th edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair based on the requirements and circumstances indicated below, if and when the health and sanitation situations does indicate the contrary

1 LOCATION The event will be held at the Fair Grounds known as Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos FIBES This edition will not include Pavilion 3 where the daily show is usually offered, as we cannot guarantee limited capacity, nor can international performers be contracted sufficiently in advance as is necessary for an event such as SICAB 2 DATES Being that the various SICAB equestrian activities have to be carried out in limited space, these events will be cover a consecutive two-week period: October 7 to 10: Final de la COPA ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage and the Young Horse Selection Test Final for Dressage These dates will be considered Spanish Horse Sports Week, with Dressage activities that are included on the general Trade Show program October 13 to 18: the official dates for SICAB 2020 The following activities will be held on those days: World Purebred Spanish Horse Conformation Championship ANCCE Cup Final for Spanish High School ANCCE Cup Final for Doma Vaquera ANCCE Cup Final for Working Equitation ANCCE Cup Final for Sidesaddle Exhibition Competition Traditional Carriage Driving Competition Indoor Carriage Driving Competition 3 BREEDER STANDS Traditionally, these have been installed in Pavilion 1 This year, and due to the pandemic, there will be no breeder stands That area will house ANCCE’s corporate stand, in addition to those of official institutions and sponsors 4 BOX SEATS A project has been commissioned to know the exact number of box seats that may be set up in the same location were 45 were installed last year Prior to having the exact floor plan, we have been informed that the maximum authorized number is between 25 and 30 box seats Therefore, the organizer have decided that: The deadline to request a box seat is midnight on July 30th Thursday As of that date, there will be a draw to decide which breeders are granted a box, as well as the exact location Location will also be decided by the draw Should there be fewer requests than box seats, only the location will be indicated with the draw and a new deadline will be established, 15 days later, for requests In this case, a stud farm that has already been granted a box seat may request a second one It is important to note that when considering the 2021 edition, in terms of location and seniority, the box seats contracted for the 2019 edition will be taken into consideration This year, in 2020 the procedure is special and temporary in nature 5 FACILITIES The facilities provided for breeders this year are as follows: Stalls for horses: This year, both stallions and mares will be housed in stalls, as small corrals will not be used With no corrals, there is no need to set up the marquee in Parking Lot 1, thus freeing up this area to be used for vehicle parking Arenas: Pavilion 1: 65 x 25 meter Geotextile arena for Dressage and Conformation Competitions There will be stands for 1000 people, but the actual occupation will be indicated by the authorities Triangle 1: 40 x 20 meter Geotextile warm-up arena Pavilion 2: 65 x 25 meter Geotextile arena for Dressage warm-up, Functionality and other competitive sports Here too the stands will have a 1000 seating capacity Behind Pavilion 1: Covered 30 x 30 meter arena with an albero sand and sawdust mix base, for conformation warm-up Straw and hard feed, free of charge Alfalfa, hay and shavings available to breeders for a fee Tack rooms: there are a limited number of tack rooms, with the same format as has been used in previous years There are sheds with lock and key to safeguard tack and harnesses 6 PARTICIPATION The next communiqué will provide full information including the entry forms for the following categories: ANCCE Cup for Dressage: For horses holding a qualifying place on the ranking The goal is to have 20 horses per level Young Horse Selection Tests: Horses qualified, which in most cases will be the same as those participating in the ANCCE Cup for Dressage, in their respective categories They will enter the arena the same number of times, with two qualifying, one for each Final World Purebred Spanish Horse Conformation Championship: Horses are eligible for participation if their owners so desire, without any need for prior qualification until maximum capacity is reached Sports Tests: All those entered, but always considering the maximum number of participants for each category, as established by the organizers 7 TIMETABLE AND ACCESS The SICAB 2020 timetable will run from 10:00 am until 9:30 pm Entry to the grounds will be free of charge until maximum capacity is reached This number will be determined by the corresponding authorities closer to the actual dates of the event Breeders and their staff will have preferential access, with a special entry gate for all those who are accredited 8 COMMERCIAL STANDS FIBES has decided to set up commercial stands at the entry of Pavilion 1 and throughout Pavilion 2 The exact number and location will be established by the authorities Although SICAB beings on Tuesday the 13th, the commercial stands will open on Thursday the 15th and will remain open until Sunday the 18th The Official Inauguration will be the 15th of October at 1: 00 pm Upcoming communiqués will expand this information, based on the developments and always taking into consideration the mandates handed down by Public Administration ANCCE would like to express its appreciation towards the Sevilla City Hall for its unwavering support, especially the offices of the Alderman for Major Festivities, the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism, La Caja Rural del Sur Savings & Loan Bank and the many other sponsors and collaborators that have continued to back SICAB and the Purebred Spanish Horse at these difficult times Equally important and appreciated are members of the press who from the very beginning have shared this ANCCE initiative with the world As an Association, we believe that at times like these, breeders need to feel supported more than ever before